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Recording: Incorporating Analytics into the Public Safety Workflow
Recorded: October 26, 2016

Presenter: Scott MacDonald, Vice President, Market Development

Throughout an emergency response and investigation a vast amount of data is collected from the 911 call all the way through apprehension and incarceration. As this new explosion of Public Safety Big Data takes hold, the need to analyze it, gather insights from it and use it in all aspects of the operational mission increases dramatically. With the IQ family of products TriTech is integrating Analytics into every aspect of the public safety workflow and making it available to all roles within and outside your department. Drawing on years of experience in geospatial analysis, data discovery, reporting and notification capabilities TriTech offers the tools and solutions to help agencies:

  • reduce crime by delivering the results of location-based analytics to the officers in the field for preventative, directed patrol
  • increase transparency with the communities by making CAD and RMS data available to the public via crime maps
  • keep officers safe by identifying trends and patterns in your crime data.
This culminates with robust solutions that allow you to build out your Key Performance Indicators and track progress towards your department’s strategic goals. Join our webinar to learn more about how your agency can leverage public safety big data to deliver analytics to every user in public safety.  

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